Friday, August 17, 2007

The Propaganda of Hate

Friday, August 17, 2007

The following letter was posted on Stand With Me
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wednesday, August 15, 2007DATELINE: ROCKVILLE, MD 8/1/07Why is it that whenever Mr. Torres, of CASA, is questioned about his operations that the 'H' or 'R' word is used with such profusion. He finds fault with our Freedom of Information Act only when it is his information in question.

Recently the Help Save Maryland organization sought details as to the use of public funds dispersed to CASA with no strings attached. This, or any, group has an obligation to its constituents to find out how our tax dollars are spent and to make certain it is used to support legal operations. I hope that Mr. Torres would agree.

It does not surprise me that neither Big Ike Leggett nor his mouthpiece Mr. Lacefield cannot provide evidence of lawful activity and the proper use of my money by CASA or any organization that might come hat in hand for a public dole. If our County Executive cannot provide such answers then why do we have a county executive? Mr. Leggett, as his predecessor Doug Duncan, has put themselves above such things as accountability and credibility.

Mr. Leggett's perceived ignorance and Mr. Torres reaction would have me believe that our money has not been well spent. Is our money going to aid legal immigrants, as Mr. Torres claims, or did our dollars become a another payoff to unregistered agents of foreign governments?Mr. Torres should be now understand that words like 'hate' and 'racists' are fast disappearing as a method of distraction. Words like these are used to hide the facts from public view. If Mr. Torres' books are in order then he has nothing to hide.

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Blogger rtsind said...

In an ideal world--these pseudo leaders of the Hispanic community would tell their people to get a grip= learn English, learn to be civil and educate yourself on the American culture.

The more they use the R word and other labels to address those of us who are opposed to illegal immigration, the harder it will be for them to win support.

If you want our support become legal and stop breaking the law!!!!!!

7:03 AM, August 18, 2007  

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