Friday, November 28, 2008

El Salvador Illegal kills 2 in NW Wash in Home Invasion

Illegal Criminal Alien from El Salvador Ties up and kills a teacher and psychiatrist in their 60s with a machette bash to the brain.

If this doesn't piss you off.......then get out.

The Washington Post refuses to rightly identify perp as an Illegal, illustrating the problems with Media Bias. CALLED HIM AN A REFUGEE!!

Originas story:

Suspect Said He Planned to Rob Couple, Court ToldMan Charged in NW Slayings Stated He Torched Car, According to Documents

By Michael E. RuaneWashington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, November 27, 2008; B01

The man accused of killing a Northwest Washington couple last weekend has told investigators that he went to their home to rob them, tied one of the victims with a telephone cord and stole computer equipment from their house, according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday in D.C. Superior Court.

Peiro Fuentes Hernandez, 21, also told investigators that he was armed with a metal baton-type weapon during the incident and that he stole the victims' car. He said he bought a can of gasoline and used it to set the car afire in an attempt to destroy evidence, according to the complaint.

Hernandez, who was said in court to be a refugee [ How bout Illegal Alien??] from El Salvador after Hurricane Mitch in 1998, also told police that he was a member of the MC Gang, known as Master Criminals, an affiliate of STC, or Street Thug Criminals, the document said.
Hernandez, of the 1000 block of Cypress Tree Place in Capitol Heights, was held without bail after his court appearance yesterday in the deaths of
Michael Spevak, 68, a psychiatrist, and his wife, Virginia, 67, a former teacher. The couple were found dead Saturday night in their home in the 5300 block of Belt Road NW.

The charging papers make no mention of accomplices, and police officials have declined to say whether they believe others joined in the crime. The papers do not say whether Hernandez knew the couple or how he came to allegedly target their house. Officials have said that the residence was not selected at random but have given no explanation for that statement.

Despite defense objections, Magistrate Judge Milton C. Lee Jr. ordered that blood, hair and saliva samples be taken for DNA testing. He set a follow-up hearing for Jan. 9.

Hernandez, a diminutive but stocky man with dark hair, a thin mustache and chin beard, said little as he stood in court yesterday wearing a white prison jumpsuit, gray booties and leg shackles. When asked his name, he replied, "Peiro Fuentes."
The criminal complaint painted a grisly scene.

The body of
Virginia Spevak was found in a sitting position on a couch in a walkway between the home's kitchen and family room. She had been tied with a telephone cord, the document said. Her husband's body was found on the floor in the family room. On a couch near his body, detectives found a knotted telephone cord that appeared to have been used to tie him. Both victims were wearing night clothes.
The complaint said there was a large amount of blood at the scene with what appeared to be tennis shoe imprints.

Both victims had died from sharp blunt force trauma to the head and neck inflicted by a bladed weapon, according to the charging documents.

Detectives found that in addition to the couple's blue 2005
Toyota Scion, their three computers, two cellphones and a personal digital device were missing.

Investigators said friends and family had last heard from the Spevaks about 10:30 p.m. Nov. 20 and became alarmed when they did not respond to e-mails the next day.
On Sunday, police found the car burning in the 500 block of Ingraham Street NW and spotted Hernandez walking to a house in the 600 block of the same street. When detectives asked him whether he knew about the fire, he replied: "Nah. I was at home drunk."

Later, in the back yard of the home Hernandez had approached, investigators found identification cards and credit cards with the names of Michael Spevak's parents.
Hernandez was taken in for questioning Tuesday, and his Capitol Heights home was searched the same day, the complaint said.

The document spells out the results of the police search: In Hernandez's basement bedroom, police found a photograph of Virginia Spevak under the mattress. In his closet, they found Michael Spevak's driver's license and credit cards. In the bedroom, they also found a key to the Spevaks' front door. Beside the bed, they found bloodstained Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. And in a utility tub in the basement, they found a sharp, curved blade with a wooden handle.

Hernandez initially denied involvement in the slayings but then said he was at the house and gave a version of what happened, the document said.

Yesterday, through his lawyer, Arthur Ago, he pleaded not guilty.

Arguing that Hernandez should not be kept jailed, Ago said the defendant had come from El Salvador "to seek protection here" and had many family members in the area. He also said Hernandez had no known criminal record.

But Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines said she had been told by federal immigration officials that Hernandez had fled the hurricane's destruction. The judge said Hernandez posed "a very, very significant risk of flight" and ordered him held.
Meanwhile, the Spevaks were being fondly remembered yesterday on a memorial Web site set up by their family.

One person wrote of "the force that was 'Ginny and Mike.' "
Another wrote: "How very sad it is that the world has lost [them] and how unfair . . . that they suffered that awful ending."

A memorial service is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church on Chevy Chase Circle, where Virginia was a member for 34 years.
Staff writer Clarence Williams contributed to this report.


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