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Montgomery County Police FOP Fight Chief Manger

Help Save Maryland Newsletter

Back in September, members of Help Save Maryland and other concerned citizens confronted Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger regarding his unannounced change in Police policy on illegal aliens. It took place during the Chief's September "Latino Liaison Meeting" where Manger likes to suck up to the illegal alien organizations.

Manger flat out denied that his Department had modified its policy for cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. A change that effectively eliminates his officers from working with ICE to get illegal alien day laborers and gang members off our streets. This was the beginning of the big lie.

When HSM members pulled out a copy of the policy change which was distributed to all his officers, Manger went into a tizzy and left the meeting, ranting that there was no policy change on his way out.

As a side note, Manger no longer hosts monthly Latino Liaison meetings because he and the taxpayer funded illegal alien support groups can't have open discussions anymore. Seems having HSM members, especially Hispanic HSM members, in the room puts a damper on their anti-citizen activities and plans.

To this day, Manger says that there is no change in policy and his officers continue to work with ICE. Manger and County Executive Leggett believe that their actions actually helps build trust between police and the illegal alien community. The Big Lie Continues.

The article below adds an interesting twist to Manger's tale. Seems the Fraternal Order of Police union is very concerned about the Chief's policy change on handling illegals and is prepared to take the county to court. The county's policy was "unconstitutional" and dangerous to the county's police officers and residents so says the union lawyer.
(Note: Our friends at Judicial Watch also sent a similar letter to Manger last month).

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

Lets send a message to Manger and Leggett: Time to revoke the September policy change so that police officers can rebuild trust between themselves and the citizens of Montgomery County. Time to tell the illegal alien community that they can once again "trust" to be removed from our streets and neighborhoods.

MC Police Chief Tom Manger

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County, police union in showdown over illegal-immigration policyBy: Alan Suderman Examiner Staff WriterDecember 7, 2009

Montgomery County and the Fraternal Order of Police union could be headed to court over the county police department's policy for handling illegal immigrants, according to the union's lawyer.

FOP attorney Paul Stein said the county's policy was "unconstitutional" and dangerous to the county's police officers and residents.
In a letter to County Attorney Leon Rodriguez, Stein asked for justification of the policy, which limits officers' ability to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.
Union officials have complained that the county's immigration policies are politically motivated and hamper efforts to gather information on suspected criminals.

In February, the county changed its policy so ICE would be contacted when police arrested anyone, including illegal immigrants, in a violent or handgun-related crime. The policy came in response to a string of high-profile violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the county.
In September, the police department sent out a memo to officers emphasizing that federal immigration authorities should not be contacted after arresting someone based on solely gang affiliation or immigration status.

The September memo also indicated that officers needed to first get approval from the department before assisting ICE agents. That memo came after an illegal immigrant, who said he was a former gang member, accused police of assaulting him and turning him over to ICE after he complained about the department.

Rodriguez told The Examiner he believed the county's policy was legal, but has not responded directly to the union. County Executive Ike Leggett and police department officials have said the policy helps foster a sense of trust between the police officers and the county's illegal immigrant population.

Stein said the union wanted to avoid a legal showdown, but if there were issues that couldn't be resolved, then "a court might have to resolve it." He said his officers felt handcuffed in doing their jobs, which include regularly communicating with other government agencies.

The policy "on its face and in application limits our police officers from communicating with ICE until some horrible or horrendous crime occurs, such as first-degree murder, multiple murders, abduction of a 16-year-old for immoral purposes, first-degree sex assault," Stein said.

Stein also pointed out that federal law prohibited the county from "restricting communication" from its officers to ICE "regarding immigration status of any individual."

Brad Botwin, Help Save Maryland


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help Save Maryland: supporters of FAIR, a group with clear ties and funding by white supremacists and world class racists, advocates of free abortion for the welfare class, selective breeding, and publishers of racist books and "studies". Your revered Dr. Tanton is one sick minded man.
Reading your vile hate crap is almost entertaining, though your momma would be ashamed.

8:50 AM, December 14, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, is it true the current policy is that officers may not contact ICE or any comparable Federal agency without first clearing it through an appointed "Intelligence Officer" who has sole authority to either forward or suppress notifications from either the officers or the Federal agencies?

Does anyone know the name and/or national origins of this official?

Because, after all, if he's related by blood or marriage to illegal aliens, that might tend to be clear and present evidence of epic Corruption.

3:44 PM, December 24, 2009  
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