Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where are the heroes?

Not long ago, life in America was different. Simpler, with simple pleasures and simpler responsibilities. We had our heroes. They were the men and women who took a stand for right and stood by their decision no matter what. They accepted their responsibilities without complaint and went above and beyond the call of duty when required.

As I sat in last Wednesday night’s meeting at Montgomery County Police Headquarters along with twenty members of Help Save Maryland and several other Minutemen, I realized then how far America had drifted from yesterday’s heroes. No one seemed willing to do anything other than what they believed they had to do. They were unwilling to go above and beyond. No one was willing to defend their country. There were no heroes that night.

Twenty people—a cross-section of the community, men and women, black and white, Hispanic-related—looked to their police department for help and came away very disappointed.

The citizens spoke of an invasion, of thousands of foreigners living in their midst—apart, unidentified, without permission. Yet, the Montgomery County police were unconcerned.

The citizens asked police to investigate these unknown invaders. Police acknowledged they would not, agreeing only to check immigration status if a crime had been committed--after the fact.

Chief Manger said he was “content with the current policy” and that he “saw no nexus between crime and illegal aliens.”

The Chief was asked if he would request 287 (g) training from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). To that he responded. “It’s not the responsibility of local police to do ICE’s job. I don’t have enough resources now; but if I did, I have more important things to do.”

The citizens left disheartened. They were offered no help. They were given no reason for hope.

They realized that times had changed, that some are only willing to do their basic job—not go above and beyond. Unwilling to defend their countrymen. Where are the heroes?

Ken Aldrich
Maryland Minuteman CDC

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Blogger rtsind said...

Perhaps it is now time for the people to form neighborhood patrols.

Maybe every community can form a variation on the home owner association idea- in which everyone pays a fee , rules on behavior are created, and the affairs of the community are handled by a board of residents who are volunteers.

This would create stronger commumities and a sense of belonging. This in turn can lead to civil patrols of neighborhoods, a neighborhood watch program etc..
This is an idea whose time has arrived.

6:07 PM, September 28, 2007  
Blogger Steve Berryman said...

There is hope with continued attention on our part! See the actions of your neighbor to the North and our Sheriff Chuck Jenkins! Here is my column, partially related to it, "Activist Frederick County."

1:01 AM, March 07, 2008  

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