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Letter to WMAL's Chris Plante / Post's bias helps Gangs!

Chris, [Plante, of WMAL Radio, DC]

I couldn't get through to participate today as you were so busy.
Locally, the best (a la Politico) Media Blunder of the year was local and cost lives:

My group, (I'm Steve Berryman and Coordinate Frederick County for our group, with the help of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins) is heavily Anti-Illegal, and held a rally at the Rockville Public Library Monday Dec. 8th and it was attended by 118 Rockville faithful and the topic was gang violence and Illegals.
It was heavily advertised and attended by The Washington Post's Pamela Constable and many others.
I offered quotes and help to her, and she didn't even get a column or article written about this after an investment of over 2 hours on her part!

The Washington Post blew it off!

Jenkins spoke, FAIR was there, Judicial Watch Tom Fitton spoke, and Brad Botwin spoke!

Now that there was a GANG hit/shooting with collateral damage at Westfield Shoppingtowne Mall yesterday, can you mention this and light more fire under Legget and O'Malley please!

Thanks for all you do! --Steve.

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One of the newspapers covering our December 8th Community Forum in Rockville on "Protecting Citizens from Illegal Alien Criminals and MS-13 Gang Members" was the Washington Hispanic. Best used to line a cat box, this paper is a mouth piece for CASA of Maryland, the illegal alien community and the politicians who support them.

What was printed about our event? Despite not interviewing me or Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch or acknowledging that Sheriff Jenkins was the keynote speaker, the Washington Hispanic ran a long piece condemning the event. Gustavo Torres, head of CASA and Maryland's own "domestic terrorist" was quoted extensively even though he was not present.

The headline reads a quote from Torres saying, "We're not going to respond to accusations from groups of 'odio' (hate)." --- Guess that be us!

Another article is the same issue headlines with a large photo of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, Gustavo Torres, and other county officers, proclaiming "MD se alia con inmigrantes" (translation: Maryland is allied with immigrants.)

Contact Wash Hispanic President Johnny Yataco at
mhtml:%7B1051395A-5AC7-4893-B6EB-45C0F76CAD21%7Dmid://00000047/! and demand that his paper do a full cover story on Help Save Maryland!!


As you know, the ACLU of Maryland has filed Public Information Act requests throughout the state regarding rights for illegal aliens. Here is some info from their website:

BALTIMORE - With the filing of Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) requests with local governments across the state to help gather information regarding local laws and policies towards immigrants, the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland today announced the creation of our first Immigrants Rights Project. The new initiative will be headed by Skadden Fellow Ajmel Quereshi, who will spend two years in the ACLU of Maryland's office to address a broad range of legal issues affecting the rights of all immigrants in the state.
"We are proud to welcome Ajmel and to announce the launch of our Immigrants Right Project," said Susan Goering, Executive Director for the ACLU of Maryland. "The ACLU believes that the U.S. immigration system is broken and it is the federal government's responsibility to fix it. That is why our project will fight against local government initiatives that threaten public safety by targeting immigrant communities for dragnet detentions and harassment."

Lets tell Susan Goering, Director of MD's ACLU what we think of her information request, her dangerous quote about "dragnet detentions and harassment" (Sue, Maryland ain't Nazi Germany) and the ACLU's stand on supporting illegal aliens. A once proud organization, the ACLU is run by radicals who no longer work for or respect the citizens of Maryland.

Contact Susan Goering at mhtml:%7B1051395A-5AC7-4893-B6EB-45C0F76CAD21%7Dmid://00000047/!

Brad Botwin, Help Save Maryland


Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008 Gazette
Government should only support groups that respect the law

I do not understand why Latino groups support illegal [immigrants]. Having foreign nationals illegally on U.S. soil is a violation of the law. Why do these groups aid and abet people who break the law? By facilitating lawlessness, they actively undermine the rule of law that binds civil society.

Further, these groups do not serve the interests of Latino citizens. Their encouragement of illegal immigration makes all Latinos in Maryland suspected lawbreakers or promoters of lawbreakers in the eyes of others. Why are they doing this to their own people? Why are they doing this to my son, whom I legally adopted from Central America?

One could say that supporting illegal immigration from one's home country or of one's own race evinces racism and bigotry. Their behavior makes absolutely no sense. Finally, why are federal, state and county governments giving money to these groups and making policy decisions based solely on advice from these groups?

If these groups insist on encouraging lawlessness, then the government should stop soliciting advice from them and should stop giving them money. The government should work only with organizations that respect the rule of law.
Robert, Greenbelt

Montgomery should follow Prince William's lead Dec 23 "Re: "Number of Prince William illegals transferred to ICE holds steady," Dec 5 Examiner Kudos to Prince William County, which continues to arrest and detain illegal immigrants and transfer them to federal authorities on a regular basis. Prince William is doing the right thing and protecting its citizens. My question is: Why can't Montgomery County adopt the same policies and require that the immigration status be checked on anyone arrested here? A crackdown is not only necessary, but long overdue in view of some of the hideous crimes committed in Montgomery County by illegal immigrants, who have infiltrated our neighborhoods and continue to menace us. But instead of protecting citizens, Montgomery County protects illegals by supporting CASA de Maryland, building them day labor centers and handing out free welfare and educational benefits. - Al, Wheaton
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to and join.

Call the Attorney General and complain.

Check out I-9s and if they are being filed but not e-verified by your state unemployment offices.

Talk and talk to get everyone (80% of us) involved to freeze and stop this invasion.

Amendment 14th must be fixed to read at least one parent has to be American citizens to be a citizen if born on the soil in the United States.

E-verify is coming up in March 2009 in Congress; and everyone must be checked.

2:30 PM, December 25, 2008  
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