Sunday, July 26, 2009

Don't fall for it! [Impact of illegals & free Obamacare]

Don't fall for it

Originally published in the Frederick News-Post of July 26, 2009

I grieve when I read articles that use statistics with no backup favoring single-payer health insurance sponsored by the federal government. The statistical numbers trend upward from even what the media claim without even providing a reference.

A letter writer used the statistic of 50 million uninsured. The number is given in order to make us gasp and demand the government take over and insure all Americans.

Roughly half of that number includes illegal aliens. Most of what is left are people who choose not to have insurance. Using false statistics like this leads people to believe that they will then receive free health insurance from the government. Perpetuating this is irresponsible in the extreme.

The president says that it will be paid for by taxing only the "rich," and most people believe him. This has never worked and never will. Even if the "rich" had all of their money taken from them, it could never approach half the cost of the president's plan. If you believe the rest of the cost will magically appear out of nothing, then maybe it is too late for this country. You, the average working citizen, could eventually expect to see half of your paycheck taken to support this.

The FNP publishes political cartoons showing how cruel and thoughtless the insurance companies are because they won't insure people for free. I beg all who read this letter to stop and think of the cost of socializing all health care. This includes not just the monetary cost but the cost to our doctors, nurses, hospitals, treatment centers and even our personal liberty.

Having the government determine who will treat you and how much treatment you can receive will never work because the government can control prices but they can never control costs. At that point, health care will be rationed, just like in England and Canada.

Getting the government out of the health care business is the solution. The more government is involved in your health care the less you will receive and the more it will cost. To understand this just look at the costs of the government's War on Poverty and then the War on Drugs and then look at how successful they've been in eradicating poverty and illegal drugs.

There are so many simple solutions to the health insurance "problem," but they involve the government getting out of the way. But the government does not want to get out the way, and that's the entire point of these crises the government creates. If you propose a market-based health insurance solution to Sens. Mikulski or Cardin you'll get laughed out of the door. They do not want to hear a solution that doesn't include them doing something, otherwise you may think you don't need them and not vote for them the next time.

Am I being cynical? No, I'm being realistic. Feminists told us to keep the government out of the bedroom, and I say while we're at it, let's keep them out of the doctor's office and out of our lives in general. More government means less individual liberty.

Jonathan Tross

writes from Frederick .


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