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May 09 HelpSaveMaryland Newsletter - Mixed News

Help Save Maryland Newsletter

[Mixed News this time]

National News

- Passaic, New Jersey closes its city sanctioned Day Laborer Center due to the faltering economy, poor management and a loss of city support. There may be hope for Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, and Baltimore City!

- California Counties - Los Angeles, Ventura and San Diego enter into an agreement with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to screen ALL current and future jail inmates. So much for "compassionate immigrant community policing".

This news was then topped by the following :

- The Washington Post reported that the Obama Administration is expanding a Bush Administration program to screen ALL locals jails nationally for illegal aliens. This will be implemented over 4 years.

This action could seriously erode the voter base for Governor O'Malley and the entire Annapolis delegation from Prince George's and Montgomery Counties!


The past 2 weeks have brought out some minor bad news in Maryland and seemingly good news nationally on the issue of illegal immigration.

Maryland News

- Nancy Navarro (Democrat and CASA of Maryland crony) won the special election for District 4 in Montgomery County. A good opportunity to break the pro-illegal alien block on the Montgomery County Council slipped through our fingers. Lets learn from this as we work state-wide to identify and publicize candidates who will work for the citizens of Maryland rather than working for those without "legal presence" in the state.

- Governor Martin O'Malley, despite the massive State budget deficit, found some taxpayer cash to create yet another Commission to "help business and community development of African immigrants who have come to Maryland". African Affairs Commission with 21 sworn in members. This is in addition to the Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern Immigrant Commissions already on the books. Legal Presence in Maryland is not needed to get help from these commissions!

- On the bright side, HSM members crashed the party of the Silver Spring/Casa of Maryland "Crime Prevention Summit". HSM members passed out the flyer below and attended the event. Bottom line - a poorly attended and misguided event. Can't push for lower crime and safer neighborhoods and have CASA of Maryland, the illegal alien support group at the table.

Fight Crime - Don't Import It! Every single crime committed by an illegal alien is 100% preventable and unnecessary. Montgomery County's "sanctuary" status inflicts needless pain, suffering and economic loss on its legal residents. Solving Montgomery County's illegal immigrant problem is a direct & effective way to make our community a safer place.

Crime Facts· The FBI says 80% of crime nationwide is gang-related. The violent Salvadoran gang "MS-13" is the fastest growing gang in America, and is already established in Montgomery County. Many of its members and most of its leaders are here illegally. · Since Prince William County (VA) began cracking down on illegal aliens in 2007, violent crime has plunged 36.8%. · Frederick County (MD) has taken more than 337 criminal aliens off the streets since entering into the cooperative law enforcement agreement with DHS/ICE known as 287(g) . · There are an estimated 250,000 illegal aliens in Maryland. As many as half of them live in Montgomery County. Police Chief Manger must stop playing Russian Roulette with the safety of Montgomery County Citizens. Entering into a 287(g) agreement with the Department of Homeland Security will give Montgomery County Police a crucial tool for removing violent illegal alien gang members from our community before they commit a crime.

Sample of Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens in our Community May 08 - Julio Nelson Paredes murdered Jorge VillatoroJune 08 - Manuel Antonio Barahona murdered waiter Longyuon "Moonie" Wang.Aug. 08 - Jose Zavala murdered his brother's roommate with a metal batOct. 08 - Jose Garcia-Perlera murdered 63-year-old Mary Frances HavensteinNov. 08 - Hector Mauricio Hernandez murdered 14-year-old honor student Tai LamNov. 08 - Jose and Ramon Alvarado burned 83-year-old Lila Meizell aliveJan. 09 - 6 members of 18th Street Gang (some or all illegal aliens) murdered 15-year-old Dennys Guzman-SaenzMar. 09 - Alvin Valdez and Jose Romero murdered Henry OrtizApril 09 - Marcos Banegas raped an 8-year-old girl (Plus countless robberies, hit-and-runs, assaults and other crimes!)


Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save Maryland
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