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Get Ready for Federal Amnesty for Illegals!

Help Save Maryland Action Alert


All members of Help Save Maryland are strongly recommended to become members of both NUMBERSUSA and Federation for American Immigration Reform. Both organizations will provide you with the latest updates and suggested actions you can take as we prepare to battle Congress over Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. HSM is not setup to handle the minute by minute action requests that will need to get out to all members. Thanks.

Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save Maryland

We are on the home stretch for proposed legislation in Annapolis. Please try to attend both hearings, especially the House Bill HB 1234. HSM as with lawful presence requirements for Drivers' Licenses is also pushing for lawful presence for all Public Benefits. SB 696 is also very important as it will require companies to use the federal E-Verify Program for state contracts.

Please sign up to testify for both hearings even through they are at the same time and across the street from each other. Please find other HSM members when you sign up and decide who stays with a cell phone at each hearing room. Advance warning can be given by these designated HSM members as to when bills are up for discussion in each room. That will give all time to go from one building to the other.

Can't make it to Annapolis? Please e-mail and /or call each representative listed and tell them you strongly support the bill. Keep it short, sweet and on point.


HB 1234 Del O'Donnell Public Benefits - Requirement of Proof of Lawful Presence

File Code: State Government - Regulations and Procedures Prior Year Introduction As: HB 604/08 - APP Sponsored By: Delegate O'Donnell Entitled: Public Benefits - Requirement of Proof of Lawful Presence Synopsis:
Requiring that adults provide proof of lawful presence in the United States before receiving public benefits; requiring State units and political subdivisions that provide public benefits to verify the lawful presence of persons in the United States; requiring applicants for public benefits to produce specified types of identification and affidavits; etc.
APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - HOUSE OF DELEGATES - 2009 Name District # & County Room # & Bldg. Phone E-mail Address Norman H. Conway - (D)Chairman 38B - Wicomico & Worcester 121 HOB 3407 James E. Proctor, Jr. - (D), Vice Chairman 27A - Prince George's & Calvert 121 HOB 3083 Susan L. M. Aumann - (R) 42 - Baltimore 303 HOB 3258 Gail H. Bates - (R) 9A - Howard 319 HOB 3556 Wendell R. Beitzel - (R) 1A - Garrett & Allegany 320 HOB 3435 John L. Bohanan, Jr. - (D) 29B - St. Mary's 350 HOB 3227 Talmadge Branch - (D) 45 - Baltimore City 151 HOB 3398 William A. Bronrott - (D) 16 - Montgomery 411 HOB 3103 Galen R. Clagett - (D) 3A - Frederick 410A HOB 3436 Steven J. DeBoy, Sr. - (D) 12A - Baltimore & Howard 306 HOB 3328 Adelaide C. Eckardt - (R)(Addie) 37B - Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, Wicomico 213 HOB 3343 Twanna P. Gaines - (D) 22 - Prince George's 207 HOB 3058 Melony G. Griffith -(D ) 25 - Prince George's 412 HOB 3557 Ana Sol Gutierrez - (D) 18 - Montgomery 220 HOB 3181 Guy Guzzone - (D) 13 - Howard 206 HOB 3471 Keith E. Haynes - (D) 44 - Baltimore City 424 HOB 3801 Henry B. Heller - (D) 19 - Montgomery 429 HOB 3528 Mary-Dulany James - (D) 34A - Harford & Cecil 404 HOB 3289 Adrienne A. Jones - (D) 10 - Baltimore 312 HOB 3391 Murray D. Levy - (D) 28 - Charles 215 HOB 3325 Heather R. Mizeur - (D) 20 - Montgomery 219 HOB 3493 Barbara A. Robinson - (D) 40 - Baltimore City 315 HOB 3520 Steven R. Schuh - (R) 31 - Anne Arundel 156 HOB 3206 Theodore J. Sophocleus (D) 32 - Anne Arundel 162 HOB 3372 Nancy R. Stocksdale (R) 5A - Carroll 322 HOB 3371 John F. Wood, Jr. (D) 29A - St. Mary's & Charles 422 HOB 3170
The House Appropriations Committee is located in: Room 121, Taylor House Office Building6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, MD 21401-1912Phone: 410-841-3407; 301-858-3407; 1-800-492-7122, Ext. 3407 (toll free)To reach each Delegate by phone: From Baltimore/Annapolis area: dial 410-841 + Extension # (FAX: 410-841-3850) From Prince Georges & Montgomery County areas: dial 301-858 + Extension # (FAX: 301-858-3850) From all other areas in Maryland, dial: 1-800-492-7199 + Extension # Address correspondence as follows: The Honorable (Name of Delegate) Room #, House Office Building 6 Bladen Street Annapolis, MD 21401-1991 Salutation: Dear Delegate (Name)
Following are the requirements for testifying before the House Appropriations Committee: Anyone wishing to testify on any bill must sign the witness register by 12:50 P.M. on the day of the bill hearing. If you have written testimony, please submit 40 copies to the committee staff for distribution by 11:00 A.M. the day of the bill hearing. For budget hearings, please submit 40 copies for full committee and 20 copies for subcommittee hearings. Budget testimony should be submitted no later than 2 hours prior to hearing. Any late testimony will not be distributed until the day after the hearing. The order that the bills are listed on the schedule is not necessarily the order in which they will be heard.

SENATE EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE 1:00 P.M.SB 696 Sen Kittleman State Procurement - Employment of Unauthorized Aliens and the Federal E-Verify Program

File Code: State Government - Procurement Crossfiled with: HOUSE BILL 502 Sponsored By: Senator Kittleman Entitled: State Procurement - Employment of Unauthorized Aliens and the Federal E-Verify Program Synopsis:Requiring employers under State procurement contracts or other grants to verify employees' employment eligibility using the federal E-Verify program; prohibiting employers under State procurement contracts or grants from intentionally or knowingly hiring unauthorized aliens under procurement contracts or grants; defining terms; authorizing the filing of a complaint with law enforcement officials; requiring investigations and suspensions of licenses; providing that a person who knowingly files a false complaint is guilty of a misdemeanor; etc. Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee - 2009 Name Dist. & County Room # & Bldg. Phone Extension E-mail Address Joan Carter Conway (D) Chairman 43- Baltimore City #2 West Miller 3145 Roy P. Dyson (D)Vice Chairman 29- Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's 102 James 3673 Richard F. Colburn (R) 37- Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, Wicomico 315 James 3590 Janet Greenip (R) 33-Anne Arundel 321 James 3568 David C. Harrington (D) 47- Prince George's #2 West Miller 3745 Andrew P. Harris (R) 7-Baltimore & Harford 320 James 3706 Michael Lenett (D) 19 - Montgomery 202 James 3151 Paul G. Pinsky (D) 22-Prince George's 220 James 3155 James C. Rosapepe (D) 21-Prince George's & Anne Arundel 314 James 3141 The Senate Education, Health, & Environmental Affairs Committee is located at:2 West, Miller Senate Office Building110 College Avenue; Annapolis, MD 21401-1991Phone: 410-841-3661; 301-858-3661 OR 1-800-491-7122, Ext. 3661 (toll free) From Baltimore/Annapolis area: dial 410-841 + Extension #From Prince George's & Montgomery County areas: dial 301-858 + Extension # From all other areas in Maryland, dial: 1-800-492-7122 + Extension # Address correspondence as follows: The Honorable (Name) Room # plus Building Name (i.e., James Senate Office Building or Miller Senate Office Building) 110 College Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401-1991 Salutation: Dear Senator (Name)
To present testimony before the Senate Education, Health, & Environmental Affairs Committee, following are the Committee's requirements: Anyone wishing to testify on any bill must sign the witness register by 12:40 p.m. If you have written testimony, please submit 20 copies to the committee staff by 12:00 Noon for distribution prior to the hearing; after 12:00 Noon, please submit at the time you testify. The order that bills are listed on the schedule is not necessarily the order in which they will be heard.
DIRECTIONS & PARKING: From Route 50 - Take Exit 24 onto Rowe Boulevard towards Annapolis, turn right at 2nd onto Taylor Avenue, then 5th right on far side of Navy-Marine Stadium (near jet plane) into Stadium Parking Lot Gate 5 (pay $5) Walk to bus shelter at Parking Lot and board Free Shuttle to Government Buildings. Shuttle runs every 15 minutes. Ask to be dropped at Lawyers Mall/Senate/House Buildings. Reverse instructions when heading home.

DRESS - Business casual is fine. Look good as you are representing HSM! Bring snacks/food and drinks as facilities are very limited.

BRING PHOTO ID to gain entrance to the buildings. NO knives, guns etc.

BRING - reading material as these hearing can go on for hours. Use the free time to meet other HSM members in the hallway and corridors.

BE PREPARED - to share the hallway and hearing room with the taxpayer funded female lobbyists from the illegal alien support group CASA of Maryland.


Questions Contact: Brad Botwin, Director, HSM -240-447-1884,


Blogger Betsy Ross said...

As a former 45 year Arizona resident now a political refugee, what continues to astound me is how the focus is now being taken off securing our borders with fencing, which would cut down on the amount of illegal immigrants right away. Each and every day more and more pour over those borders, and Arizonans have been on the front line of this fight for decades. They then spread throughout the country, and so does the drugs those cartels bring through that open desert.

E-Verify is great, except that the employers that purposely hire them will not use it, so that system is a wash. Even if there was a law mandating its use, there is not enough manpower to enforce it.

Denying funding for illegals for social services at the state level is great - except that there is a federal law mandating that hospitals and health care facilities much treat them, and even provides taxpayer dollars for their care.

And the amount of work visas that are given to Maryland for illegal employees is actually requested and petitioned for at the state level, so addressing this at the federal level is leaving the states and their collusion in what is occuring out of the mix.

Also, the big businesses that hire them also pay off local law enforcement through civic donations to their various charity organizations in order to prevent from getting busted. That is why although Mariott, Hilton and the casinos in Nevada are big employers of illegals, they never get busted. They simply make a bust or two occasionally on some small businessman that doesn't donate to their benevolent funds.

It's all a game, and until Americans start to see the game for what it is - collusion between federal and state legislators and their Big Business backers - nothing will change.

How do I know this? Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution mandates that the federal government is charged, upon request of the states, with providing for the defense of those states by foreign invaders. All the state's have to do to get that southern border secured is to sue the federal government for "break of contract" under the Constitution.

And so far, since the immigration lawyers and criminal attorneys make so much on those criminal illegals, this has not been done. Because the largest campaign donors at both the federal and state levels are actually lawyers.
And they are the ones primarily on the illegal immigrant gravy train.

So wake up, America, this is intentional collusion going on here between the state and feds for their own personal benefit, and until that fact is brought into the open, again, nothing will change.

And Numbers USA has also been silent on the fact that these work visas are actually state initiated, not federal.

2:26 AM, May 17, 2009  

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