Saturday, January 10, 2009

American Border Patrol / National Press Club!

Help Save Maryland Newsletter

HSM Members,

We have a special invitation to meet and talk with Glenn Spencer, founder of the American Border Patrol. Glenn will discuss illegal immigration, the Mexican drug war and provide a preview of his upcoming National Press Club briefing on the "Border Fence Survey Report"

When: Wednesday January 14, 2009, 5-7PM
Where: Home of Chuck Floyd, 9517 Newbridge Drive, Potomac, MD 20854
RSVP - Melissa 1-800-600-8642 or

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB BRIEFING, Thursday January 15, 2009, 9:00AM

Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol - The Border Fence Survey Report - Where It Is and Does It Work? -Results of a two-year aerial study of the Mexican Border

Where: Holeman Lounge, National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, Washington DC 20045
Metro - Red Line to Metro Center Station - 13th Street Exit, NPC next to JW Marriott Hotel on 14th

Please join us for these important events!

Brad Botwin, Help Save Maryland

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Blogger Black Saint said...

We really need the infrastructure and construction jobs without E-verify so we can put the millions of Illegal Aliens back to work, so they can send money home to support Mexico!

The contractors can get paid at union scale, charge the tax payers union scale, hire Illegals at slave wages, pocket the different s, and hit the tax payers for both their wages and the billions in cost to educate their many children, provide medical and welfare.

Sounds like the same old scam, reward the Rich and the invading horde of illegals Aliens and soak the tax payers that have obeyed the laws, paid the taxes and fought the wars and built this Nation!

You would think the Politicians would be content with just outsourcing all the jobs that are possible but No they want to bring in Slave labor ( while ignoring Article IV Section IV of our Constitution against invasion, the rule of Law, and their Oath of office) to take the jobs that cannot be outsourced! To add insult to injury they make the American citizens still working pay billions in extra taxes to educate, provide medical, welfare and jail cells for the invading horde that are taking our jobs and driving down our standard of living! While keeping busy Robbing, Raping and Killing American citizens at an rate that Bin Laden can only dream about!

The Democrats love the millions of Welfare votes. The Republicans love the slave labor for their Pay Masters in the Chamber of Commerce and business. So there is little or no hope for American citizens and the future viability of this nation as we know it.

We can see Sam Huntington was right in his book Clash of Civilizations if we will only look and be rational. But too many are not prepared for logic or rational discourse and resort to hurling racist insults. If we are realistic and look at the havoc caused by the millions invading Hispanics on our communities, culture, crime, economy, welfare, taxes, environment, schooling and standard of living the only conclusion possible is that no Nation can withstand or assimilate Millions of citizens from another culture! That does not want to assimilate but come here for the jobs and welfare while keeping loyally to their home countries! This Nation is changing to the very same type of culture and society the invading millions have created, built and sustained for 100,s of years and are now fleeing in their own Countries!

One has to only look at Calif. which is basically an Bankrupt state that cannot afford to provide Welfare, Schooling, Medical, prison cells etc. for millions of Criminals and uneducated peons from Mexico! In a very few years it will be impossible to see where Mexico ends and Calif. begins as both will be an third world cesspool!

The future is an over populated, Spanish speaking third world Nation that is an Cesspool of Corruption, Crime, Poverty and Misery modeled on Mexico!

10:07 AM, January 11, 2009  

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