Sunday, January 18, 2009

HSM Meets Ike Leggett's Office and Chief Manger

Help Save Maryland Newsletter

Help Save Maryland had a busy and successful week.

Meeting with Montgomery County Officials- Friday morning was our meeting (Steve Berryman, HSM Frederick Coordinator, HSM Melissa Andersen of MC, and reps from 3 other groups) with Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, MC Police Chief Manger, MC Dept of Corrections Arthur Wallenstein, the MC States and County Attorneys, and a host of other County officials. It was a frank, back and forth meeting.

Based on what the County presented, I am very concerned about the safety and well-being of all MC citizens. MC Leadership just does not get how upset and frightened citizens are regarding illegal alien MS-13 gang members and day laborers present in our communities.

The County's current list of proposed changes to police regulations will only focus on post arrest, post sentencing----not 287g ICE training, not working with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, not pro-active law enforcement to make our County safe again -- Their plan is what I call "Post Mortem Law Enforcement"!

We will be sending Mr Leggett a list of our tabled recommendations regarding the proposed changes needed to MC Police Policies and Procedures regarding illegal aliens. We also requested a series a Town Hall Meetings to allow citizens to speak to Leggett about the problems we face with illegal aliens in MC.

WBAL 1090 AM Radio -Saturday morning Pree Glenn-Graves, HSM PG County Coordinator and I had a action packed 1 1/2 hour interview with former Governor Bob Ehrlich and wife Kendel discussing the problems of illigal immigration in MD. Phones were ringing off the hook! Many e-mails sent in and new members joining Help Save Maryland.

SAVE THE DATE!!! - Monday February 16, 6-8pm (Presidents Day Holiday) Help Save Maryland will be holding a Citizens Rally in Annapolis. More details to follow.
Please let me know if you can drive to Annapolis and take others with you. Send me your name, detailed location & county, cell phone #, so we can begin to create carpools.

Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save Maryland

Illegal Alien Escapes from Jail

Last summer, Kandelario Garcia-Ramos an illegal alien living in Langley Park, Prince Georges County (Headquarters of CASA of Maryland and a new Day Laborer Center), was convicted for murder and sentenced to 40 years in jail. Well he just escaped from jail in Hagerstown on January 17, 2009.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) A Division of Correction official says a convicted murderer has escaped from a Western Maryland prison.
A Division of Correction official says a convicted murderer has escaped from a Western Maryland prison. Division spokesman Mark Vernarelli says Garcia Ramos Kanderlario apparently jumped the fence Saturday morning at the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown. Vernarelli says Kanderlario is serving 40 years for murder. He says Maryland State Police were

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Langley Park man sentenced to life in prison for killing former employer

by Maya T. Prabhu Staff Writer

A Langley Park man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for the murder of his former employer.
Kandelario Garcia-Ramos, 22, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon in the Dec. 26, 2007, killing of Fernando Monge, 44, of Silver Spring.

Monge was the owner of Two Brothers Tire City in Colmar Manor, where the killing was captured on the store's surveillance cameras, according to a news release from State's Attorney for Prince George's County Glenn F. Ivey's office. ''He had been fired," said Ramon V. Korionoff, Ivey's spokesman. ''It had been weeks earlier and then he came with his 12-inch blade and stabbed [Monge] several times."

According to the release, the video showed Garcia-Ramos enter the store with a covering on his face and, after a struggle, stab Monge several times. Garcia-Ramos, who was a former employee at the Tire City, fled the scene and called his sister soon after to confess that he killed his boss, according to the release. Another employee was also at the store and saw Garcia-Ramos behind the counter and heard Monge in the back of the shop moaning.

Monge was pronounced dead on the scene and Garcia-Ramos was arrested two days later. His attorney, Assistant Public Defender Richard Rydelek, could not be reached for comment. Garcia-Ramos will serve 40 years after which time he will probably be deported since he is not a U.S. citizen, Korionoff said.

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Blogger Thomas Hardman said...

Chief Manger is a savvy administrator as well as a top-notch law-enforcement professional.

Sadly, he has had his hands tied by local politics of undue influence.

Right now, half of the people sitting in jail on charges of Murder are foreigners. Not even the blatantly-pro-illegals Washington Post was able to obscure that fact, but the endless collusion of media and MoCo Machine Democrat politicians have done their best to obscure whether or not most of those foreigners would have been identified by ICE as deportable illegal aliens, had anyone bothered to check.

Why such an effort to keep it quiet?

Media coverage of the fact that some of the accused murderers of 14-year-old honor-student Tai Lam were released from police custody, when an ICE check would have resulted in an administrative "hold". This media coverage caused such an uproar -- and we honest citizens are keeping that alive! -- that the pro-illegals media dared not investigate further. As it is, it's public knowledge that at least 1/4th of the foreigners jailed on suspicion of murder were both illegal aliens and transnational gangsters of MS-13.

Can you imagine the uproar if it were determined that all of the foreigners jailed on suspicion of murder were illegal aliens?

And having imagined that uproar, imagine if it were revealed that all of those illegal aliens suspected of murder had been in police custody, and could not have been here to offend, if only immigration status had been checked?

Imagine the feelings that the chief of police would have over that uproar. Imagine his feelings for the politicians whose ridiculous and anti-law policies, in the final case described above, literally doubled the murder rate in 2008.

Imagine the feelings of the politicians who set a policy that led to the murder rate being doubled.

Imagine the feelings of the voters who found out that their risk of being murdered was doubled by the anti-law policies.

Imagine the political campaigns of 2010!

Imagine the campaigners pointing out, relentlessly and without failure, at every opportunity they can find or make, that the policies of the incumbents made it as likely as not that in the shadows of the Nation's Capital, you'd be as likely killed by an illegal alien foreigner as by a criminal citizen.

No wonder we aren't getting the information!

These politicians rightly dread the power of Statistics and in the case of the crimes of foreigners against citizens, they suppress the statistics as much as possible.

That's why they're going to CAVE, because if they don't, we will have time to collect the statistics by the time elections roll around. And what will be the politicians' records?

You know, with only one more murder in 2008, which thankfully did not happen, it would have been the first year since the war of 1812 where the majority of citizens killed were killed by unlawfully-present foreigners.

1812, as anyone remember, was the last time that, under arms, Maryland was INVADED.

That little statistic -- the ratio of foreigners to citizens as suspects in the murders of citizens -- is the best statistical indicator of whom, exactly, the politicians and their appointees serve.

10:23 AM, January 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow this site is vomit worthy. You all make me want to puke.

1:13 PM, October 22, 2009  

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