Saturday, February 28, 2009

Annapolis Recap for Help Save Maryland

Help Save Maryland Newsletter

Thanks to the dozens and dozens of HSM members who made it to Annapolis on Tuesday for the hearing concerning possible In-State Tuition for Illegal Alien Students and Wednesday for the hearing on a proposed two-tier system of drivers' licenses (one for illegals and one for citizens) or a one drivers' license system with legal presence in the US required. Many HSM members testified, some for the first time. Some just provided moral support. It was a great turnout!

With regard to In-State Tuition, CASA of Maryland brought in their illegal alien student "props" in an attempt to make a case for these unnecessary taxpayer educational subsidies. HSM argued that Maryland citizens come first and no citizen should be bumped from a Maryland college because of an illegal alien student. While there is a chance this bill may pass because of liberal minded delegates from Montgomery and Prince Georges' Counties, HSM members were heartened to hear the testimony from the General Counsel of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, who promised the committee members a court injunction and lawsuit if the bill is signed into law by Governor O'Malley.

The drivers' license hearing was even more contentious with the multiple competing bills. CASA bused in gaggles of illegal aliens in a failed attempt to make a case that these poor workers needed to drive their place of employment. The wind was taken out of the sails of Delegates Gutierrez, Vallario and Ramirez as well as CASA supporters however, when word that Governor O'Malley was backing a bill (HB 387) to support a system of drivers licenses that require legal presence to obtain! Many an illegal will be hitching a ride if this passes.

The drivers license battle is far from over. Please contact ALL the delegates from the list below and the tell he/she to support Governor O'Malley and the rule of law by voting from passage of HB 387. (Who ever thought we could say support O'Malley and the rule of law in the same sentence!). While not perfect, HB 387 will improve security on our roadways and communities and help end Maryland from being a magnet for illegals wanting to drive and settle here. Two-Tier License systems just don't work safely or effectively. Finally, it puts Maryland on the correct side of the law for a change! So call or e-mail all the committee members ASAP!

Brad Botwin, Help Save Maryland

JUDICIARY COMMITTEE - HOUSE OF DELEGATES - 2009 Name District # & County Room # & Bldg. Phone E-mail Address
Joseph Vallario, Jr. (D) Chairman 27A- Calvert & Prince Georges 101 HOB 3488 Samuel I. Rosenberg (D), Vice Chairman 41-Baltimore City 101 HOB 3297 Curtis (Curt) S. Anderson (D) 43-Baltimore City 314 HOB 3291 Benjamin S. Barnes (D) 21-Prince Georges & Anne Arundel 209 HOB 3046 Jill P. Carter (D) 41 Baltimore City 317 HOB 3283 Frank M. Conway, Jr. (D) 40 Baltimore City. 315 HOB 3189 Kathleen M. Dumais (D) 15- Montgomery 350 HOB 3052 Don Dwyer, Jr. (R) 31- Anne Arundel 154 HOB 3047 William J. Frank (R) 42 Baltimore 213 HOB 3793 J. B. Jennings - (R) 7 - Baltimore & Harford 319 HOB 3698 Kevin Kelly (D) 1B-Allegany 310 HOB 3404 (no e-mail address published) Benjamin F. Kramer (D) 19-Montgomery 226 HOB 3485 Susan C. Lee (D) 16-Montgomery 414 HOB 3649 Gerron S. Levi (D)* 23A Prince Georges 210 HOB 3101 Susan K. McComas (R) 35B Harford 326 HOB 3289 Tony McConkey (R) 33A Anne Arundel 157 HOB 3406 Victor R. Ramirez (D) 47-Prince Georges 430 HOB 3340 Todd L. Schuler (D) 8 Baltimore 305 HOB 3526 Christopher B. Shank (R) 2B Washington 212 HOB 3636 Luiz R. S. Simmons (D) 17 Montgomery 225 HOB 3037 Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. (R) 36 Cecil, Kent & Queen Anne's 217 HOB 3555 Kriselda Valderrama (D) 26 Prince George's 205 HOB 3210 Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher (D) 18 Montgomery 221 HOB 3130 *Delegate Gerron S. Levi is a woman.
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