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Civil Complaint Filed Against PG Exec. Johnson

Help Save Maryland Alert


In December 2008, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU-MD) filed a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) request with all 24 Maryland Counties (including Baltimore City) to obtain information related to any internal or public statutes, ordnances, executive orders, policies, procedures or regulations relating to the treatment, classification or regulation of undocumented immigrants by the County government or its private citizens.

HSM was very concerned that the ACLU filing was conducted in an attempt to intimidate local governments from routinely complying with federal immigration laws, which outlaw the presence of illegal aliens in the United States and restrict the activities in which they may engage. In January 2009, HSM, with assistance from the Immigration Law Reform Institute, filed an MPIA effectively seeking copies of all the documents provided by each jurisdiction to the ACLU-MD. Twenty-three of 24 jurisdictions complied except Prince George's County.

Under the ineffective leadership of County Executive Jack Johnson, Prince George's County has become a major sanctuary for illegal aliens and their support groups, closely following Montgomery County in terms of numbers of residing illegal aliens. Johnson and the Prince George's County Council spend millions of tax dollars annually attracting and supporting illegals through day laborer centers, welfare, healthcare, housing assistance and other programs and services. The illegal aliens are a major reason for growing gang violence, overcrowded schools, bankrupt hospitals and rising citizen unemployment. Democratic Governor O'Malley and the entire Prince George's County delegation in Annapolis are also part of the problem, providing additional funds to aid and abet illegal aliens and their key support group CASA of Maryland in PG County.

PG County uses a discriminatory dual standard for immigration-related freedom of information requests and other basic access to county agency operations, based on the requestor's perceived political opinion. PG County has a lot to hide regarding its use of illegal alien front groups to provide political support. HSM would not be surprised if unlawful lobbying, electioneering and other activities involving illegal aliens and county officials is occurring.

HSM needs access to the requested documents and records in order to preempt or prepare to challenge any ACLU-MD actions against PG County, which would have adverse effects on the enforcement of immigration laws in PG County. Elected officials in PG County are not above the law.

HSM will keep you posted on the progress of our civil complaint - Help Save Maryland Research and Education Fund vs. Prince George's County!

Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save Maryland 240-447-1884



In a vicious, unprovoked and seemingly racist attack on the integrity of the African -American citizens that comprise People for Change in Prince George's County, PG State Delegate Bennie Barnes highlighted why every PG citizen should join People for Change. Barnes, a flaming liberal in Annapolis known for wasting tax dollars on CASA of Maryland's anti-citizen activities as well as supporting drivers' licenses for illegal aliens and in-state tuition for those without legal presence in MD and other unnecessary programs.

He is part of the PG delegation in Annapolis that needs to be flushed from office come November 2010. Bennie even took a shot at the multi-ethnic citizen members of Help Save Maryland. Careful Bennie or your single Mom may have to wash your mouth out with soap.

Message of exclusion doesn't mix with club's work for kidsPosted 9/03/09 Laurel Leader

I saw a recent flier asking Laurel citizens to join the Friends of the Boys and Girls Club at the rally with People for Change of Prince George's and others. I am sure we are all aware of the discord that has persisted between the Laurel Boys and Girls Club and the city of Laurel. As a state official, I have appropriately stayed out of this fight. As a son of a single mother and someone who relied on recreation centers and youth programs growing up, I have made supporting youth a priority and fought successfully with my 21st District colleagues to bring state money back for the Boys and Girls Club.

But I cannot now stay silent on this most recent development. The People for Change of Prince George's is a group that many of us in the county have derided because of their anti-immigrant, anti-gay message. It is ironic that they have stolen President Obama's moniker when their ideas are so opposite of his. Indeed they have aligned themselves with such organizations as "Help Save Maryland," an extreme right wing anti-immigrant organization. In a city where immigrants are part of what makes us special, what makes us diverse and what makes us great, it is especially disappointing to see our Boys and Girls Club team up with such an organization.

People for Change has also aligned themselves with radical right wing politicians. Some of these politicians make Newt Gingrich seem liberal and are the key proponents of anti-gay and anti-immigrant legislation in Annapolis. In fact, one of the People for Change's own leading members ran for school board on a platform of banishing gay high school students to a "gay only" high school (not sure how he would accomplish this, perhaps through an inquisition?).

But really, all of this is fine, it is a free country after all and if they want to push such an agenda, as misguided as it is, it is their right. What is disturbing, however, is that an organization whose mission is supposed to be mentoring children right here in our community (and hopefully teaching them tolerance) would align themselves with such a group.

I, like many in our community, remain committed to supporting youth activities such as after-school programs, mentorship groups and recreation programs. I'm just not sure what any of that has to do with People for Change, their message of exclusion and the upcoming referendum election in Laurel.

State Del. Ben Barnesrepresents District 21, which includes Laurel


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Blogger Brittanicus said...

Finding out about E-Verification, 287 G local police arrest , No-Match-Letters, 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill, and other immigration enforcement laws, the reader should GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA and JUDICIAL WATCH? Here you will find the absolute truth and not the meandering propaganda addressed by the special interest lobbyists or the deceiving national press. We can burying the head in the proverbial sand, or do something to save your quality of life in our nation. E-Verify from the beginning has been demonized, and only bloggers like me brought its operation to gain national attention? IT WORKS! So without public outcry, the bill would have ended up in a dusty draw of the Senate. Now--these same people are out to crush 287 G, because it also works. Yet right now the usual suspects are requesting the Federal court delay the full implementation of E-verify for government contractors. I'm sure that pro-illegal immigrant lawmakers such as Sen Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Homeland Security chief Napolitano and many more, will try to use their influence on behalf of greedy businesses who demand cheap wage workers to join their slavery forces.

After federal training local police have the authority to check a persons identity and detain them for ICE. President Obama is currently being pressured to rescind the no-match-letter. A immigration tool that notifies employers of discrepancies in a persons identity, for a right to be employed. Sen. Edward Kennedy was a major sponsor of the 1986 (IRCA) immigration act, that strengthened importation, allowing cheap labor into our country, including the fact he promised--NO MORE AMNESTIES.

America has no chance of passing a worthwhile public option for health care, because we will also be paying for illegal aliens along with their families. The bill has no restriction in the wording to authenticate a persons legal status. Personally, I want a single payer system to stop the profiteering by insurance companies, but I don't want to be taxed for underwriting illegal immigrants and their families? Even if they add an amendment declining illegal immigrants from the health care bill, they will still be included if the Democrats enact another path to citizenship? Then what about the others on the opposite side of our weak fence, they will hear the Amnesty bell chiming and rush for the border, or enter as tourists in an airport. I repeat we cannot even look after our own impoverished and homeless, even many veterans live under bridges. Pandering to foreign nationals legislators have ignored our aging infrastructure, our bridges, roads and tunnels.


12:55 PM, September 04, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job on the complaint against PG County. Maryland's political environment is such that it is almost impossible to effect change through voting. That leaves the courts as a way to enforce the rule of law.

11:17 PM, September 05, 2009  
Blogger Paul Mendez said...

Ben Barnes is playing a losing game -- a gringo trying to pander to latinos. If latinos are really a political force in his district, then they'll soon elect one of their own.

5:58 PM, September 07, 2009  

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