Friday, July 20, 2007

Anonymous Montgomery County Employee

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I would love to attend the July 21 rally in Derwood.

However, I have a problem that prevents me from doing so. I'm employed by Montgomery County, Maryland. If I were to show up in support of a cause I so deeply believe in I would undoubtedly be fired by Ike Leggett and his cronies.

You have no first amendment rights as an employee of Montgomery County when it comes to this issue.

If it were me alone, I would show up. But I have a wife and children to feed and for the time being need to keep my job.

Until I find suitable employment elsewhere, or the County Executive and Council change their position of illegal immigration I must stay away. I doubt the latter will happen so we must do everything in our power to see that these fools are not reelected.

However, I wish you the best and hope the rally is a great success! You have my permission to print this in your blog. I just ask that you not use my name for obvious reasons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really bothers me to see millions of county dollars budgeted for services for illegal aliens....for illegal pregnant women, children, and County Latino interpreters paid extra money for speaking Spanish, funding education for foreign born Latino nurses, Latino gang prevention, and Latino youth programs,clinics that care for 90 % illegal immigrants, ESOL,etc. No one speaks to helping the needy citizens of the county anymore....poor Seniors are ignored, training and jobs for low income adults are lacking, no training for disabled adults, poverty prevention programs are lacking, etc. It's always the Latino illegals needs that MUST be addressed. Casa de Maryland is an organization that seems to feel it has control over politicians in the county and Gustavo Torres is always playing on the sympathies and guilt of liberals. He feels he is a power force and can get what he wants whatever the situation...this is frightening. His organization demands funding from the county year after year. I hope Ike Leggett and the County Council are seeing what is happening to the County. Something must be done. However, please don't blame all this on Ike Leggett , it was Doug Duncan and George Leventhal who opened the doors to illegal immigration and funded millions for their health care and other services. So there is a great migration of illegals to the REPUBLIC OF MONTGOMERY.

1:35 AM, July 24, 2007  

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