Sunday, September 30, 2007

NAACP Djokens' Support for Illegal Aliens Disturbing

Guy Djoken, Frederick County NAACP branch president, fails to make a compelling case against Commissioner Charles A. Jenkins’ proposal to end county funding for organizations that aid and abet illegal aliens (The Gazette, Sept. 6).

Instead of condemning Commissioner Jenkins, his much-needed proposal should be commended and supported by all citizens in Frederick County. Taxpayer dollars should never be used to fund groups like the Frederick Community Action Agency or CASA of Maryland that help those who have broken the law to enter and stay in Maryland.

Despite Mr. Djoken’s misguided sermon about ‘‘creating personal relationships and circles of support that will not tolerate suffering and indignity,” the bottom line is that illegal aliens have no moral or legal right to be in Maryland.

They are uninvited guests who abuse our social services, schools, hospitals, housing, law enforcement and criminal justice system.

Even more disturbing was Mr. Djoken’s attempt to compare the decade’s earlier struggles of black citizens with disenfranchisement to the issue of ‘‘rights” for illegal aliens in our communities. Supporting diversity and community spirit are noble objectives, but don’t attempt to lump illegal aliens into the mix.

I suggest Mr. Djoken take a few moments from his crusade to read a recent article by Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, titled ‘‘Get Serious: More Immigrants Mean Fewer Jobs for Blacks”, published in the Urban League Opportunity Journal, this past summer.

Mr. Djoken may find that he is out of touch with his clientele on illegal immigration, as is Gov. Martin O’Malley and most other Maryland politicians.

The members of look forward to participating in the Oct. 2 public hearing to support Commissioner Jenkins’ proposal before the board.

Brad Botwin

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this week edition of Washington Hispanic newspaper (2/15/2008):

In the front page you will see a picture of candidate Barack Hussein Obama with a journalist and a copy of the Washington Hispanic edition.
The guy in the picture is Victor Caycho, a peruvian journalist who is an illegal alien in USA, working for this media and having a press credential issued by this newspaper editors to enter any Federal Congress facilities and government offices since 2004. As some other journalists in this peruvian owned newspaper, they're illegal in this country and they express openly against our nation and government, but sucking away their salaries without paying taxes.

10:21 AM, February 16, 2008  

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