Sunday, May 16, 2010

Death by political correctness

Death by Political Correctness
Originally published May 14, 2010
Frederick News-Post

By Steven R. Berryman
Attorney General Eric Holder pronounced that "profiling is not good law enforcement" on "Meet the Press" last Sunday. I can't wait to see how my police, sheriff's office and trooper friends react to that in The FNP's online comments!

Just as "terrorism" is not an enemy -- it's a tactic -- "profiling" is an indispensable and smart law enforcement tactic, not an enemy.

The Pakistani Taliban-connected Times Square bombing suspect -- however incompetent -- was a naturalized U.S. citizen of the Muslim persuasion. That he was a naturalized citizen is not a common factor among previous terrorism attempts on our homeland.

For instance, Timothy McVeigh was not a naturalized citizen.

Fears and chants of "racial profiling" become the political correctness that may well be responsible for future death in America in a reprisal attack here, perhaps based upon our ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It could even be a nuclear death in a worst-case scenario.

Profiling per se is simply taking note of a common set of traits and characteristics collected by savvy investigators after a crime or ... act of war. For instance, 18 of the 19 hijackers in the World Trade Center attack came from the Mideast. Drill down further, and they also shared a common religion; drill down even further, and find that they all shared a militant wing of that common religion.

When there is a rabid pit bull running loose in a neighborhood, there are no signs posted "be on the lookout for a black cat."

Racial profiling is also the excuse to attack the 287(g) program enforcing federal immigration laws at the local level. Same for the new Arizona laws -- however amended -- simply because it is simple to show anecdotal evidence that more people of Hispanic descent are identified under the program than are, for instance, people from Ireland... ctd.

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