Friday, May 07, 2010

Your papers please!

Your papers, please!

Originally published May 07, 2010

in the Frederick News-Post

By Steven R. Berryman

The headline could have been: Arizona law makes it illegal to be illegal.
Mainstream media are bowing to leftist pressure groups like La Raza to put an anti-humanitarian spin on the story. But surely under our current open-border circumstances we must draw a line to find out exactly who has walked across through Mexico.

It could have been Fernando Lopez-Ramirez. In fact, Frederick police just arrested him on a charge of second-degree rape and abuse of a minor. This, even after being previously arrested, identified as an illegal immigrant, and deported to Guatemala.

He just walked back in.

You say, "But what of the humiliation of having to present your driver's license to a law officer upon investigation for another offense?" Folks, at the drugstore you have to present your driver's license just to buy over-the-counter allergy medicine!

The police-state image of the classic film "Casablanca" is invoked, as in "Show me your papers, please." Then the politically correct obstruction corps begins to talk racial targeting, or profiling, as an inevitable consequence of any law put into place to curb the negative consequences of our failed immigration policy.

You say, "But good folks are simply migrating here from south of the border in order to make a better life for themselves and their families."

This is the misdirection ploy, classically used by liberals to skirt a major issue. The issue is not that these may be generally hardworking, nice people, but whether they have broken our laws and masquerade as citizens, stealing unearned benefits.

That the vast majority of those arrested for trespassing as illegal immigrants are of Hispanic or Latino origin is a function of the location of the border itself; the U.S. does not share a border with Poland.

It's at Texas!

We are connected by a land bridge spanning North and South America via Central America ... for those wanting a taste of free social services and welfare meant for citizens who had paid into the system....ctd.

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