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What's in & out 2011

What's in & out 2011

Originally published December 31, 2010
The Frederick News-Post

By Steven R. Berryman

With the new year upon us, I'll spare everyone the resolution stuff, as we typically end up repeating what's gone before anyway. There are surely reasons why we revert back to our own selves despite best intentions!

Let's go with transitions and changes instead. Some are pretty clear; others are more fuzzy!

This year's "what's in and what's out 2011" includes:

In is a political fresh start nationally in the U.S. House, and locally with the Republican sweeps. Out will be the GOP excuses over their domination by liberals.

In is the perception that the tea party has major influence on party politics in America. Out are the doubters now, about whether the tea party represented the will of the people!

In is respect for the ideals of an indelible Constitution. Out is governing by executive decree.

In are more than 600 new Republican state legislators nationwide. Out is state fiscal irresponsibility and pandering to entitlement groups.

In is a stalemate on illegal immigration, without a border solution or responsible pathway to citizenship. Out is the political capital to pull it off, wasted on Obamacare and the "Afghanistan conflict."

In is Help Save Maryland. Out is Casa of Maryland.

In is citizen activeness and awareness. Out is the apathy that has allowed our current dire straits.

In is alternative media such as multiple information sourcing, Web-based news, blogs and Facebook. Out is archaic television network news; the monopoly fully squandered now.

In is politics by comedians. Out is the humor in real politics; this as it becomes serious.

In is a businessman-entertainer as president of the Board of County Commissioners. Out is a clear delineation between office and show.

In is a financial consultant softball coach as Board of Education president. Out will be TERC Investigations math and budget-a-go-go.

In will be a Wegmans, a Lowe's and a Marshalls at Clemson Corner. Out will be more local merchants.

In will be a new watch group to oversee happenings at Fort Detrick. Out may be the Office of Sustainability.

In will be a waste-to-energy incinerator; the where may change. Out is the PATH transmission line project; this without demonstrated benefit to our region.

In will be Frederick as a destination for some of America's best quality of life in a small city. Out is its past reputation as a closed community.

Out is the Frederick unfriendly business climate. In is "Frederick -- open for business."

Out is commotion in City of Frederick government. In is civility between the county government and the city Board of Aldermen! Yes, another Young is involved, plus: Thanks, Randy!

Out is Rick Weldon in Frederick. In is Rick Weldon in Brunswick; welcome home to my "" brother!

Out is Twitter. In is having some actual friends on Facebook! (Did you hear that they have a new software upgrade?!)

Out is leaving town for dinner. In are Volt, Isabella's, Bonefish Grill and Hard Times Café!

Out is Frederick for "rednecks." In is family destination Frederick, and pride in "Frednecks"!

In is family refocusing on what's important, and what may also be cost-effective, such as board and card games and time together. Out should be too much video gaming and concentration on the Internet.

With too much constant stimulation, why allow life to go by so quickly? How about spending some "teachable moments" sometimes in the face of the easily bored.

Don't care if they think they know what's in or not!


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