Sunday, August 26, 2012

Movie Night about The Illegals Problem

Movie Night about “The Illegals Problem”

…Not Political-Correctness!

Steven R. Berryman

[MediaHooker August 26, 2012]

(Full disclosure is that I work with Brad Botwin in support of HelpSaveMaryland, and have for years; I promoted the movie THEY COME TO AMERICA, along with a host of patriotic colleagues)

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch got stuck in traffic, but did make the Q & A for the Frederick Community College screening of his documentary, “They Come to America.”

This sassy pretty-boy from the Hamptons obviously has some cash to spread around in search of his filmmaker fantasy, but the result was first class production values and editing; he chose his topic – Illegals – so very well.

The rape of America by the tide of disrespectful illegals is already widely documented, especially in its worst-case forms, so what made this version any different?  Lynch dug the topic, but was not the cheerleader; he left that for Blaine Young and Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who already own it.

Filmmaker Lynch acted the scientist in his methodology of moviemaking.  He balanced a formula of man-on-the-street, plus some infomercial; add some reality TV, and stick in 2 shills from each side.  Lobbyists and cronies got to state their platitudes; the audience got to come to their own conclusions without the spoon-feeding.

The effort was – by design and as stated – not political in nature.  Republicans were not the good guys, and Democrats were not the bad guys.  Conclusions that were drawn were evoked from within.  How do YOU feel about disrespectful strangers littering America?

The negative impact of illegals was documented:  Many pack drugs on the way in for cartels.  Most interviewed said they don’t want to be Americans, but want to send money home to their native lands in Central plus South America, and Mexico, primarily.

Evidence for trespass from others not from the regular trade was evident.  Known terrorist nations have been represented at border crossings in Tijuana and other locations, where they just walk in.  Prayer rugs and Korans have been discovered on the trail. 

That they want a better life, care about their own progeny, have human feelings, goals and desires was fully photographed.  But so does the rest of the world; no special exceptions for America, please!

Some illegals on film apologized for knowingly taking the jobs of American citizens, and also for driving down wages.

Three of four filmed said they are sending out their wages and not paying taxes; NO plans to assimilate the “melting pot,” so take your visions of Irish/Italian/German/French-immigration away from me…

The Superintendent of a New York school system was filmed confirming financial costs of $17,000 per pupil for the impact of “chain-migration” ESOL studies and overcrowding without paying into systems HAS bankrupted, and dumbed-down American education.

Some interviewed admitted using EMERGENCY ROOMS for wellness visits and sniffles.  Do they understand that they force your medical costs to double, and keep YOU from fast urgent care?  Yes, they do, but they come to America anyway….because they CAN.

The protesters at the Movie Night were weak, poorly organized, and had no concerted message, other than the liberal-diatribes we know.  That they are good or nice people is not in contention. 

To be American is to care about the future of our great nation, and not let it become diluted by those not inculcated, and without investment. 

Lynch’s film, in the final analysis, was the antithesis of “political-correctness,” it was hard to watch, but cathartic.  The truth hurts.

Postscript:  Announced that night was the next Lynch documentary effort:  Tea Party.

                   With the same methods, it will be another tribute to his genre.


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