Saturday, July 21, 2007

Help Save Maryland Citizens' Rally a Success!

Thank you to all the citizens who took part in today's event at the Day Laborer Center in Derwood. Our numbers clearly exceeded my expectations for a first event. Special thanks to those who drove a great distance to stand with us. And to the Montgomery County Police for allowing ALL parties to express their views without interference. The Police did an excellent job.

The media coverage was excellent with at least 4 TV stations and 4 newspapers in attendance. I think County Executive Ike Leggett will have lots to read and watch on TV this weekend. This is only the beginning of our activities to end taxpayer funding for CASA of Maryland.

The counter-protesters were an "interesting" group to say the least. Glad the MC Police kept those upstanding individuals across the street and out of our way. CASA's illegal alien weed-whacking and flower planting ceremony was quite pathetic as well. I don't believe one illegal alien was hired during our 3 hour event.

I will keep everyone posted on our upcoming activities and events to participate in. Tell you friends and neighbors how well we all did today. Get them to join Help Save MD and contact me. Write letters or e-mails to Leggett, the press and others. Say NO to CASA . Thanks.

Brad Botwin
Help Save

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Blogger rtsind said...

I wonder how many of these anti-illegal protesters supported Leggett and are now wishing they had voted for someone else.

Here we are almost one year after the County Executive election, and we see and increasing number of people protesting the immigration programs of this County, and others protesting the construction of the ICC.

Perhaps next election they will vote for someone who is not a professional politiican and who is not bought and owned by big money.

6:11 PM, July 22, 2007  

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